Wisudah STISIP and STMIK Nurdin Hamzah Jambi

JAMBI-Wednesday 17 October 2018. The College of Informatics and Computer Management (STMIK) and the College of Social and Political Sciences (STISIP) Nurdin Hamzah today held a graduation event, at the BW Luxuri hotel.

From the explanation of the Chairperson of STISIP Nurdin Hamzah, Sigit Indra Wijaya, SE., M. Si there were 355 graduates who were graduated. Graduates of STISIP Nurdin Hamzah are 60 people, with details:

a. Governmental science study programs at S1 level are 41 people accredited B

b. Communication Studies Study Program S1 level as many as 19 people Accredited B

While for STMIK Nurdin Hamzah graduates as many as 295 people, with details:

a. Informatics Engineering study program S1 degree is 193 people, Accredited B

b. Information system study program for undergraduate level as many as 102 people Accredited B

In addition, Sigit Indrawijaya also explained that the bachelor's degree held by the graduates is not the final achievement of the journey of life in the world of education, but rather the first step in getting a world of work that is rife with the demands of the times. Therefore, make provision that you get during your education in STISIP and STMIK Nurdin Hamzah to be able to continue working and become a personal person who excels by continuing to walk in the corridors of religion.

From 2015 to 2018, the Rural Community Development program "Moving to Build Villages" pioneered by STISIP Nurdin Hamzah succeeded in forming cadres of change agents in the community by sending students and lecturers from both study programs namely Government Science and Communication Studies Study Programs to down the community to collaborate, good governance with the government, the community and the private sector as well as universities through mentoring excellent programs in the village, In the form of: Initiation of the Senaung Village Festival 2017, continues to the Senaung Village Festival 2018 which plans will be implemented in December 2018, School Penyengat Olak Women's Waste Bank, Public Relations and Protocol in the village of Senaung, a village video that has produced about ten more village profile documentation.


"Alhamdulillah, from these programs we succeeded in encouraging community groups to work together with the village government and other stakeholders to improve capacity, networking, publication and proper village budget allocation to the community through community empowerment programs with a focus on development issues targeting women , environmental management, preservation of culture and traditions, information and communication and institutions.From these programs we also gained trust as one of the Provincial recipients of the 2017 Indonesia Award program held by PT Astra Tbk and PT Tempo Inti Media Tbk, also in 2018 this was chosen as a participant of the National Active Citizens Forum held by the British Council and sponsors in Bali in September 2018 yesterday.

We were also given the trust as the board and the Smart City implementation team by the Jambi City government. It is our hope that these things can continue to be improved in order to improve the quality of STISIP and STMIK Nurdin Hamzah in accordance with its vision and mission. Human resources in this case lecturers who have been certified and reliable in their fields are also our top priority, because lecturers play an important role in the success of a university, therefore we will continue to support lecturers' activities with their Tri Dharma colleges Thank God our lecturers have received national-level research grants from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, even students also get national-level student creativity program grants from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. We will continue to improve and develop it for the realization of work synergy with the academic atmosphere in a collaboration with a sense of mutual compassion and foster care, "Sigit explained.


At the end of his speech, Sigit advised the graduates to uphold the good name of the alma mater wherever they are, you should be able to become role models for the successors of both STISIP and STEMIK.