STISIP NH Jambi Presents Chairman of BPP HIPMI Bahlil Lahadalia as Speaker of Public Lecture

Friday January 26, 2018 STISIP NH Jambi held a Public Lecture and presented Bahlil Lahadalia as a speaker, with the theme "How To Be Come Young Entrepreneur Zaman Now".

This general lecture took place at the Basic Floor of STISIP NH Jambi Campus and was also attended by several HIPMI Board of Jambi Province. Bahlil Lahadalia as a speaker revealed about how to be a businessman and what capital should be had in trying.

"Being an entrepreneur is not an easy matter and a businessman must have a way of thinking to keep on working, not to be persistent when he gets into trouble, but an entrepreneur must be smart." Said Chairman of BPP HIPMI.

At the end of the Public Lecture at STISIP NH Jambi campus, this man of Southeast Sulawesi blood donate some young entrepreneurs who got on stage and introduced his business and ended with a photo session with some board of HIMPI and CIVITAS Akademika STISIP NH Jambi.