STISIP NH Jambi Share for Ramadan in Ramadan

Jambi, On June 4, 2018, the School of Social and Political Science (STISIP) Nurdin Hamzah Jambi, Implemented Takjil Distribution in three locations including Simpang BI (Telanaipura) Simpang Empat Tugu Siginjai (New Town) and Front STISIP NH Jambi, Attend Directly to Old BPH STMIK and STISIP NH Jambi namely Bpk Sum Indra, M. MSi and Wife. Free division of Takjil to passing citizens, the community looks very enthusiastic to get takjil.

In this division takjil President BEM Bian Sukibi said that participating in this implementation is from ALUMNI STISIP NH, Fellow Students and From Campus STISIP NH Jambi aim is to strengthen the relationship and establish good relationships between institutions, Lecturers, Alumni as well with the community as takjil recipients, Then it is expected that STISIP Campus NH Jambi better known by the people of Jambi, which has two Departments namely GOVERNMENT SCIENCE and SCIENCE COMMUNICATION SCIENCES where the two departments have been accredited B.

At this opportunity is used by open together among Lecturers, Students and Alumni STISIP NH Jambi.