Welcome New Students at STISIP NH Jambi Campus

29 August 2018 OPUS STISIP NH Jambi takes the theme "The Begining of Resurecction", all students and dossiers look fresh with the presence of new students (maba). To welcome the freshmen, the college's academic community also held an orientation introduction to the campus or commonly called Ospek in collaboration with BEM, and other organizations in the Department.

According to the Chairman of the BEM of the College of Social and Political Sciences (STISI) Nurdin Hamzah Subianto, this is important for the introduction of new children to students who are both new. In Ospek activities, new students can also take various tests or games that test compactness, solidarity and solidarity. "Of course, with the number of new students reaching hundreds of people, they can get to know each other better when ospek said.