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Vision and Mission STISIP Nurdin Hamzah Jambi

Vision Statement

"Being a Superior School in Research Development and Community-Based Service in Jambi Province in 2025"
Excellence is a goal that high schools want to achieve in the competence of education and research in the field of local governance and media and broadcasting studies. So that in 2025, STISIP NH Jambi:
1. Excellence in the development of community-based studies and research.
2. Excellence in community-based community service.


Mission Statement

To achieve this vision, the following missions are prepared:

1. Organizing education in the field of social science oriented to community development.
2. Conducting research and community service in accordance with social development in society.
3. Cooperate with government, non-governmental and private institutions.
4. Improving the quality and competence of lecturers and educational staff in order to realize a superior and competitive learning program.
5. Realizing transparent and accountable high management.


Destination Statement

1. Giving graduates who have competence berorieantasi to community development.
2. Produce research and community service in accordance with the development and able to provide social enlightenment in society.
3. The creation of cooperation with government institutions, non-Government and private sector in accordance with the field of STISIP NH Jambi study.
4. Produce the competence of lecturers and educational staff who are academically professional.
5. The realization of transparent and accountable high management to achieve good university governance.