A Brief History of STISIP Nurdin Hamzah Jambi

High School of Social and Political Sciences / Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik (STISIP) Nurdin Hamzah Jambi is a college that is under the auspices of the Foundation Dewi Nurdin Hamzah. As part of education providers in the field of social and political science, STISIP Nurdin Hamzah Jambi has two (2) courses namely: Governance Studies and Communication Studies. This educational institution located at Jl. Cabbage. Abunjani Sipin Jambi.

Effectively, established since October 1, 2004, based on the decision of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Indonesia No. 885 / D / O / 2004 dated 15 June 2004. The background of the establishment of STISIP Nurdin Hamzah Jambi, given in several universities in Jambi, yet have mainly Prodi Prodi Government Studies Communication Studies, while the second Prodi graduates are very much needed by the region in order implement regional autonomy and the rapid progress of local democracy marked by the proliferation of communications media and information society.

Alumni STISIP Nurdin Hamzah Jambi widely spread in the world of work, both in the bureaucracy, private companies, political practitioners, Public Consultants, Academicians, communications consultant, Reporte TV, Mass Media Journalists, and the self-employed.

Law No. 32 of 2004 has given broad autonomy to the regions, which is the authority to regulate and manage their own households, with the aim to improve the welfare of society, improving public services and improve the competitiveness of the region. To realize these three things, good governance (good governance) into requisites. Synergy between government, private sector and communities should be developed in realizing a democratic social and political conditions, either at national or local level.

Therefore, support of intellectual and professional personnel who have the scientific background that fits the needs of regional development. STISIP Nurdin Hamza tried to print an intellectual who is able to contribute on the agenda.