Greeting chairman

High School of Social and Political Sciences Nurdin Hamzah, hereinafter abbreviated STISIP NH Jambi is a trusted high school carrying the mission of equitable education for the community, fully committed to carry out the mandate.

The presence of STISIP Nurdin Hamzah Jambi in Jambi Province was built to facilitate those who did not have the opportunity to complete their studies in tertiary institutions outside the region, due to various obstacles including economic, geographical and demographic factors. Therefore, STISIP Nurdin Hamzah Jambi is present to reach the unreached.

This website is one of the media to introduce and provide complete information about what and how STISIP NH Jambi, both for students and public. STISIP NH Jambi in its 12th year in 2016, young from the age side but has survived, and continues to develop itself into a higher education institution that has value for various layers of society both at home and abroad.

STISIP NH Jambi consistently and constructively strives and demonstrates its commitment to be the best in providing educational services tailored to the needs of industry and technological developments.

The availability of communication and information technology is a supporting factor for the learning process at STISIP NH Jambi.

Various facilities are provided in printed and non-printed form in order to reach students, faculty and society effectively and efficiently. As a contribution to national higher education, Stisip continues to make innovative new breakthroughs to produce high-quality graduates. Stisip is determined to become a leading institution in the field and produce graduates who are ready to compete globally.

This website was created to provide complete information about STISIP NH Jambi, from its standpoint, vision and mission, organizational structure, quality management system, recognition from jambi community, and education system applied in various education level offered (Sarjana).

In addition, as the realization of lifelong educational philosophy (life long eduction With you all, Stisip present to carry the mandate of the noble nation in improving the intelligence and dignity of Indonesia beloved nation.Let us build and keep this country by realizing the fence of a quality nation.