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Vision, Mission and Objectives of Government Studies


Becoming a Superior Science Study Program in Jambi Province in 2020


  1. Providing quality education in Jambi Province.
  2. Develop Government Studies in community development and local governance.
  3. Develop research in the field of local governance and community development for the advancement of local communities.
  4. Implement community-based community development programs as social responsibility in order to improve the quality of life.
  5. Developing sustainable and sustainable cooperation with various parties in the field of education, research and community service at local, national, and international level.


  1. To produce graduates who are competent and able to compete in the field of governance and can make a real contribution to the government and development programs at the local and national level.
  2. Delivers quality human resources, ethics and integrity based on tri dharma college.
  3. Produce research and science-based scientific studies that contribute to the development of local communities.
  4. Providing service to the community by using all the resources and capabilities relevant to all purposes in accordance with the needs of the community and to solve the problems of local communities.
  5. In cooperation with educational institutions, research, government and private and other social institutions with the principle of equality to conduct a real program that supports the development of Jambi Province.