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This organization was the Student Executive Board of the College of Social and Political Sciences, later called BEM STISIP NH is intra-campus student organization which is the highest executive body in STISIP level Nurdin Hamzah berasaskan Large Families Law Students STISIP Nurdin Hamzah Jambi.

Student Executive Board leadership baton STISIP Nurdin Hamzah Jambi through general elections held every year, prior to the completion of the term of office for a period of stewardship (12 months). In 2016, BEM STISIP Jambi under the leadership of Nurdin Hamzah Alquroi as President and Ajum Samsudin as the Vice President, by the name of the cabinet STISIP united Here is the vision and mission of the Student Executive Board STISIP Nurdin Hamzah Jambi:

Vision : Standing together BEM STISIP NH Jambi.


  1. BEM STISIP NH as a center regeneration pious leader, independent and scholars;
  2. BEM STISIP NH as an institution that optimize the service to the campus community and the general public;
  3. BEM STISIP NH as the epicenter of the movement that is responsive to the issue of campus, regional, and national levels;

Core Value: Growing up, close, and Giving

Here is the composition of the Cabinet Standing together:

Secretary I: Alquprawinata | Treasurer: I Serlina | Treasurer II: Doni Bayu Anggara | Department of Administrative Reform Organization: Jarkasi Efendi | Intellectual Development Ministry of Education and Research: Rita Zahra | Ministry of Religious Affairs and Community Service: Seven Pajar Kusuma | Department of Advocacy and Cross Organisasasi: Sholikin | Department of Arts and Culture: Muhammad Ibrahim | Ministry of Sports and Human Resources: Delfian Derry Wijaya | Ministry of Information Communication and Press: M. Asraf Hidayat | Ministry of Women's Empowerment: Habiba Nisa | Interest and Talent Development Department Student: Bayudin Magsum Oktaka